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Stz'll Got It letra

(feat. AMG, Chill)

[Lil 1/2 Dead: talking]


[All x3]

I still got the late night hype

[Verse 1: Lil' 1/2 Dead]
well if it's on like this
then it's on like that
me and my nigga Chill kickin' funky raps, huh
we got something that's tight
(what we gonne do right here is go back)
to what? the late night hype
so get the lentil in the ear
and roll up a fat joint
and crack a cold beer
I'm on my way to Compton
ain't no stoppin'
me and my nigga Chill going straight ho'-hoppin'
we got us some figment
and hit her to the telly
the hooker that I had had some hear on her belly

I took of her clothes and her pussy smelly
so I banked them walls all around the fucking dally
I hit it from the side
I hit it from the back
and all I could here was the hitboy smack
and my nigga named Chill screamin' the pussy's tight
me and my nigga creapin' on that late night hype
yeah nigga

[Hook x2: Lil' 1/2 Dead]
I still got the late night hype
I got a 40 but the cap's too tight
I still got the late night hype
I got a drink to get my head so right

[Verse 2: Chill]
I still got the late night hype
motherfuckers buuh do what you like
yeah, my nigga Half said it just don't stop (stop)
packin' big brogues hanging at the spot (spot)
slanging lil' rocks in the 10 o'clock hit
one of the homies put a lil' something on the lick
oh shit, what the fuck, god damn
let me use another ??
they call that nigga hoo bang
caught up my luck
here we come swervin'
me and Half Dead jumped in a luxe caravan
to kidnap this bitch man
no pain, but the shit ain't funny
nigga ain't thinking about shit but money
so pass me the blount and a motherfucking light
a twist from the eastside westside late night hype

[Hook x2: Chill]
I still got the late night hype
smoking weed in a ?filly? pipe
I still got the late night hype
smoking weed in my sachet tight

[Verse 3: AMG]
oh lord have mercy
I might nogg that indo again
hennesey or the juice and gin
making manix outta job
it's in intention
see a big booty in a ?pincer?
mack with the bonk for your trump
bitch i got a ?? for your romp
I make the booty jump
for what
I'm in it
big balling with my niggas Chill and Half
making with the late night stalf
because abra cadabra
hoes wanna get a
nigg' with a microphone
that is home
is it a mist (is it a mist)
or is it a wist (or is it a wist)
what is a thong up-raiser
talking like the prayer
trick like a clamb
and the style is rap
and I'm fucking cause the feeling is right
westside's in the house for the late night hype

[Hook x2: AMG]

I still got the late night hype
I need a big booty bitch tonight
I still got the late night hype
gin and juice rest the party tonight

[AMG talking]

and it goes

[All x8]

I still got the late night hype

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